Top Quality Contractor

Are you looking for a one stop shop to get all your building needs addressed? 3 Pillar construction was established to serve that specific void. As restaurateurs retailers  and developers, the founders of 3 Pillar wanted a company that provided a comprehensive service, a one stop shop where a client can receive guidance from the design stage to the execution phase.

3 Pillar Construction is a company driven by the desire to provide a practical and functional construction project. A project that leads to the formation of positive relationships based on client satisfaction. We treat every client as a partner where their needs are our top priority. That philosophy in conjunction with our vast experience as restaurateurs and developers, results in our team providing a consistent high-quality product and building experience.

What makes 3 Pillar unique is that our team comes from the hospitality and retail business. We understand the challenge of a day to day business operation and strongly believe that innovation and proper design planning is key to efficiency.

With affordability, efficiency and quality at the core of every project, we have become a preferred builder with MTY Group for franchises such as Mr. Sub, Thai Express and exclusive builders for Tutti Frutti Breakfast and Lunch, Urban developments and legacy wealth. We deliver on our promise and are grounded by our passion of assisting fellow business owners realizing their dreams.

3 Pillar Construction is proud to be a member of the Edmonton Construction Association and is COR Certified. We take great pride in the responsibility our clients entrust in us and always strive to professionally manage their interests by providing a functional and financially reasonable product.